Off The Shelf: Little Owl’s Night

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82220152136154I’ll admit it.  I feel silly whenever I’ve read children’s books to my kids.  They’re so…well…STUPID! So you can imagine my surprise when, on a whim, I purchased a book for my youngest daughter, Pippa, and was completely delighted by it.

Little Owl’s Night is part of a series of Little Owl books (so far, this is the only one I’ve encountered).  Written and illustrated by Divya Srinivasan, this delightful little book tells story of an owl who can’t sleep through the night (cause they don’t do that), and the others in his forest home that he encounters.  Simply a gorgeous work of art, let alone an interesting little read for the children and adults who encounter it.  My youngest loved it, as did I, and she since learned to identify the moon by name because of our readings of this book together.

But I would honestly recommend this book to anyone simply because the art and the gentle story really are quite good.  I usually hate kids books, and I adore this one.  So, seek it out, and the others by this author out.  Also, I promise not to review too many more children’s books.  Mostly because I simply haven’t read that many.  I tend to read heavier fare to my kids because children’s book are usually a money racket.  And that’s a conspiracy you can take straight to Fox Mulder.

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