Appointment Movies: Deadpool

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He Says:  A cautious yes.  The trailers look great, and Ryan Reynolds seems to be campaigning for keeping the movie as close to the source material as possible.  In fact, Ryan Reynolds’s enthusiasm for playing Deadpool is super-infectious!  But this is Marvel under the 20th Century Fox banner, and they’ve ruined plenty of other Marvel characters before…including Deadpool.  With this particular actor already!  Caution is what is called for here.

She Says: I like Deadpool. I like Ryan Reynolds. However, there is precedence to be concerned. Marvel characters can become odd when not handled by Marvel. We all remember X-Men Origins: Wolverine, right? Then there’s the Green Lantern thing…I’m worried and excited. I am willing to give the trailer the benefit of the doubt. Let’s take a chance. Let’s do it for Bea!

Deadpool comes out on February 12th.

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