Hot Nerd Crush: Lynda Carter

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Lynda-Carter-lynda-carter-33745517-1600-1200I’m going to draw some ire from ThatWeirdGirl about this, but I don’t care.  I’ve been in love with Lynda Carter since I didn’t even LIKE girls!  So deal with it!  Lynda Carter is a goddess who still warrants all of your attention.  And not simply because she was Wonder Woman!  I mean…JUST LOOK AT HER!  And, I know it’s in bad taste to say a woman has aged well, but Lynda Carter didn’t just age well…she leveled up!  And she was already one of the most beautiful women ever to start with!

Just look.  Drink it in.  Then go out and find some more Lynda Carter. It would not be time wasted in the least.  Then go check out some of her philanthropic efforts.  That would also be time well spent.  Like I said, man.  Goddess.


She says: No ire. Lynda is a great role model and a real hero.

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