Backstage at the Bedroom: Who The Hell Is That Cassie, Anyways?!

FB_20160106_22_03_42_Saved_PictureThe programming choices this month for Friday Night Videos have been taken over by a friend. Her name is Cassie. She was one of the groomsmen in our wedding, and one of the very few people from where I’m from in Kentucky to come visit us where we live (nowhere near Kentucky). Our youngest daughter is very fond of her, and she’s been a personal friend of mine for a decade and a half.  She and a friend of hers back in Kentucky have started a fashion website called and we here in the Bedroom (all two of us) would appreciate you going and giving them a look…when they’re ready, which should be any day now.  Anyways, all my children like her, my wife likes her, I like her. Her husband more than likes her. Her dogs love her.  That’s who Cassie is. A good friend of ours who has a lot of rescue animals.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you see her again around here sometime.  Welcome to the bedroom, dear.  Well, the figurative one.


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