Geek Drink of the Week: Bon Temps Kick

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This week we’re letting the good times kick back with a spicy twist of the mule. I’ve had five various mules this week working out this recipe. Not all of them were potable. I did get it right eventually. It’s surprisingly tasty…and I’m not a heat kind of person.bontemps3

Perhaps the name has given you an idea of how this mule is different. The vodka has been replaced with New Orleans’ own Southern Comfort. The heat kick was much trickier to solve. My first thought was the Louisianna product Tabasco. But no, that was terrible. Equally bad we’re all the Louisianna styled hot sauces. Why? The vinegar cut through the sweetness and murdered the drink. Next? There was no way I was going to drop a pepper in my glass. As I said, I don’t typically care for hot spicy things. This train of thought eventually brought me back to flavored simple syrups. If I can make a syrup pear flavored, surely I can make one sweet yet spicy? The cayenne simple syrup is exactly what makes the mule work (Bam!). Grab your festive purple mule mug and let the good times roll. You only have four and a half days left to be less than good. bontemps1

2 oz Southern Comfort

1/2 oz sweetened lime juice

~4 oz ginger beer

1tsp to 1/2 oz cayenne simple syrup1 (I used 2tsp, you may like it kickier)


candied ginger for garnish

Place ice in your mule mug. Pour in the Southern Comfort, lime juice, and syrup. Fill mug with ginger beer. Garnish with candied ginger. Do not eat the entire bag of ginger. While tasty, you will feel terrible by the seventh piece.bontemps2


Cayenne Simple Syrup1
1/2c water

1/2c granulated sugar

1/4tsp cayenne powder (increase at your own peril)

Boil water. Kill the heat and add the sugar. Stir until dissolved then add cayenne. Let syrup cool before placing in a clean bottle. Keep for up to a week. Add to any drink you want to enliven. Perhaps a margarita.



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