Geek Drink of the Week: Fantastic Tea

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Winter is slowly fading. Spring will be bouncing around the corner any day. To celebrate the sun and the crisp air I’m sharing a favorite iced tea recipe. Back in the ol’ college days, I had a similar tea at an Italian restaurant in Shreveport. There were no vampires back then so things were fairly calm and boring. It made sense to sit in an empty amphitheater or choose restaurants based on tea. I’d make people eat at this restaurant just to have them sample the tea the restaurant served. You do odd things when you’re 19.fantastic tea1

Anyway, this is my home version of the iced tea. It’s great for a luncheon or brunch. Since it comes together fairly quickly and with minimal ingredients, you can make it with less than an hours notice that company’s arriving (a day’s rest improves the mint). You can make the iced tea anyway you prefer: kettle, sun jar, or iced tea maker. Then squeeze some oranges, snip some mint, and add ice. The tea is better chilled. It’s simple and refreshing.

fantastic tea32-3 large tea bags

~2L Water (per your method)

2 oranges, squeezed & juiced

10-15 mint leaves, slightly bruised


Brew your tea in the method you’re accustomed. Meanwhile, squeeze and juice two oranges. Don’t use those little cutie/halo things. Pick up some good sized navels. Rinse and dry the mint leaves. Snip them close to the stem. Roll and lightly crumple the leaves in your hands to bruise and release the oils. Pour the tea into your pitcher of choice. Add the orange juice (strained, no pulp), the mint, and ice. Serve each glass with a sprig of mint or an orange wheel.

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