Geek Drink of the Week: Kaylee’s Parasol

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It’s no secret I, we, have an unhealthy love of all things Firefly. This isn’t even our first Browncoat related drink. What you may not know is that I am Kaylee Frye. It’s true. One day, while dressed as Kaylee, I was talking with Allison Sohn while I waiting on some Wonder Woman autographs from Adam Hughes. They’re huge Firefly fans. I was not a solo cosplayer that day. ManWithPez and MeiMeiLiz were dressed as Simon and River and doing something somewhere else. Adam took our picture as a reference (fun poses) for a possible comic book his friend Joss Whedon was hoping to do. Two years later we (not our faces, those were the pretty faces of Jewel, Sean, & Summer) were on a collector’s issue of Better Days. So, I can claim to be Kaylee because my costume is canon. Anyway…kayleesparasol3

This drink highlights Kaylee’s hard-to-find beloved strawberries and Book’s necessary-for-life herb rosemary. It’s light and sweet and as lovely as Kaywinnit Lee. This cocktail requires muddling. I’ve mentioned it before, but as a reminder you don’t need to go out and buy a muddler. Use a spoon, a pastry tapper, or a pestle. You’ll need a parasol. Those little paper ones from the party store.

kayleesparasol22 oz Vodka

2 oz Strawberry daiquiri/margarita mix

1 oz Club Soda

2 sprigs of Rosemary


shaker, strainer, & muddler

Place one sprig of rosemary in the shaker with the vodka. Muddle. Muddle it gooood [well]. Add ice, strawberry mix, and club soda. Shake. You’ll get lots of bubbles. Carefully strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a paper umbrella and maybe a sprig of rosemary. Relax in your hammock on this fine, almost Spring, afternoon.

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