Find That Film: Moon

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Your first thoughts when you watch the Sam Rockwell starring, Duncan Jones directed Moon is “What the hell am I seeing here!” And that reaction is not unwarranted. But, if you like your hard sci-fi to be better than, um, quantum string manipulation into your daughter’s room or whatever, then Moon really is the film for you.  Unfortunately, this is a somewhat delicate film, and talking about it too much really does ruin it.  Suffice it to say that this is one of Sam Rockwell’s best performances (which is really saying something), and there is a truly moving voice performance from Kevin Spacey as a helpful robot.  If that description isn’t enough to get you to see Moon, then perhaps you are listening to the wrong podcast. This is a thinking movie, an oftentimes quiet movie, but never, ever boring.  A film filled with meaning, despair and hope in equal measures, and some of the best special effects shots you’ll ever see in a small, independent science fiction movie.  This is Find That Film:  Moon!

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