Find That Film: Splinter

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Okay, okay! We admit it.  You caught us napping at the wheel.  The truth is we were in the middle of moving and had to get our new Internet up in order to get last week’s podcast out.  Here it is:  Splinter!  And if you’ve not seen it, you are in for a surprise.  This atmospheric horror film is well acted, amazingly shot, and, best of all, has an interesting monster.  There is little in the way of jump scares, but Splinter has plenty here to satisfy even the most jaded horror and gore fans.  Shot in the backwoods of Oklahoma and made on the cheap (but by no means looking that way) Splinter has revealed itself as a hidden gem in this age of jumpscares and torture porn.  Come to think of it though, there’s some of those in here, too.  Frankly, if you’re a fan of horror, there’s no reason whatsoever you shouldn’t have seen Splinter.

So go out there and find that film!

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