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thefallOne of my personal favorite films lands at episode eleven this season. Tarsem Singh‘s The Fall should not be missed. Easily one of the most beautiful movies ever made, The Fall brings Lee Pace and Catinca Untaru together in an unlikely friendship which includes a tall tale, sacrifice, and betrayal.

The basic premise is an old one: a mentor figure tells a story to a child. The viewers get to enjoy the resulting hybrid of the mentor’s words and the child’s mind while following their interactions in reality as well. Obviously* Lee Pace is the first reason to seek out this movie. He is by no means the only reason. Catinca Untaru as Alexandria breathes life into an otherwise stale format. Her chemistry which Lee Pace is fantastic. Additionally, Justine Waddell as Nurse Evelyn deftly plays sweet and duplicitous. Lee’s fictional Bandit travels with a colorful crew of misfits who balance the harsh tale with tenderness. Perhaps the most well known reason (not Lee Pace) to find this film is the locations. The location scouts and Tarsem Singh worked overtime searching for painted cities, step wells, ruins and landmarks as they traveled the world trying to make ends meet and get in a little filming.

This was well worth Singh’s savings account, four years of his life, and 28 passport stamps. It may be an old story but it’s absolutely one worth revisiting. Find The Fall.


*Lee Pace is both gorgeous and supremely talented. He should never be missed.

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