Find That Film: Big Trouble in Little China

You might notice something different about today’s Find That Film.  We have a guest podcaster.  Downtown Steve Brown from  He is a long time friend of ours, a Toastmaster, and a huge fan of today’s movie:  Big Trouble In Little China.  Full disclosure up front, though.  We were not prepared for a guest in any way.  That’s why the audio from Steve sounds like it came from a $10 microphone.  Because it did.  It’s still audible…but not great.  We will make it up to him by having him back, because working with him was splendid!

John Carpenter is one of my personal favorite movie makers, and Big Trouble In Little China has to be one of his most imaginative works.  It’s bright, colorful, loud, and best of all, one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen.  Frenetic, gorgeously shot, and acted with just the right tongue-in-cheek bravado needed from Kurt Russell, Victor Wong, James Hong, Dennis Dun (our hero!), and Kim Cattrall, it’s a film worth finding for several different reasons, but mostly because, it’s just a good, satisfying movie!  Frankly, even writing a good summary of it would be a huge undertaking, there’s so much going on in it.

Which is the perfect reason you should find that film!

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