Geek Drink of the Week: Dust Witch Punch

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Say it three times. Go ahead, try it. I can barely say, “Dust Witch Punch,” one time.

dustwitch3Pam Grier starred as the Dust Witch in Something Wicked This Way Comes. She has the power to mesmerize with one look. I imagine she keeps an elixir for those immune to her powers. Let’s pretend it’s a fruit juice cocktail. Since the Dust Witch has an affinity for spiders, I think spider ice cubes are perfect here. You can find spider ice cube trays at dollar stores. Here is a mocktail for the kids which can be mixed up all autumn. The adults can use wine instead. Okay, that would be sangria. You like sangria, right?

dustwitch2s1 part white grape juice

1 part sparkling cider

grape juice


Fill the spider ice cube trays with grape juice and freeze at least six hours. Pour the white grape juice and sparkling cider in a punch bowl with the spider ice cubes. Add a splash of grenadine to each cup then a serving of the punch. Serve the punch in transparent cups so the kiddos can watch the purple spiders bob.

The spider grape juice ice cubes will melt pretty quickly. Perhaps grape koolaid would freeze better? Or you can just use water.

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