Geek Drink of the Week: Johnny Zombie

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This week on Find That Film we covered the zombie comedy My Boyfriend’s Back whose working title was Johnny Zombie. Lucky for ol’ Johnny he lived, er died, in a town that was mostly okay with zombies.jphnnyzombie1

Zombies are great. There is one problem I have with them though, the drink not the creature, there’s too much rum for my taste. Most Zombies contain at least three types of rum—one of which is always high proof. I know, it’s supposed to make you feel like a zombie. I get it. This fruitier take on the Zombie adds strawberry puree for a nice bloody effect.jphnnyzombie2

1 1/12 oz Captain Morgan spiced rum

1 oz Seagram’s Seven (blended whisky)

1 oz curaçao (I only had blue on hand)

1 oz pineapple juice

1 oz strawberry puree


Fill a tall glass with ice: a zombie, hurricane, or fun tiki glass. Pour strawberry puree over ice. In an ice filled shaker, shake the rum, whisky, curaçao, and pineapple juice. This drink must be as cold as the dead. Strain into your glass. You can garnish with some rum soaked fruit if you’d like or two skewered peeled grapes. The kids ate all my grapes, sigh.

The drink turned a bluish green because I used blue curaçao. If you use orange curaçao (my preferred), you’re drink will be more amber in color. Is this more Mai Tai than Zombie? Eh, maybe. It’s good though.

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