Find That Film: Cast a Deadly Spell

Cast a Deadly Spell may be  episode 20 of season two but it is one of the influences for this podcast. This has been a hard-to-find and magically enjoyable movie for 25 years. The amazing producer Gale Anne Hurd brought in the talented director Martin Campbell (excluding Green Lantern) and, I suspect, Fred Ward for a horror noir not to be missed.

You probably have missed this one, though. Cast a Deadly Spell is an HBO TV movie from 1991 which marries Lovecraft lore with The Maltese Falcon. Unless you were watching the daily movie rotation on the pricey Home Box Office, it’s very likely you’ve never even heard of this movie. You need to see our favorite everyman, Fred Ward, as the magic-shy private investigator H.P. Lovercraft trying to solve a case in a Los Angeles overflowing with spells, monsters, and witches. Clancy Brown oozes as the former police partner turned nightclub owner. Julianne Moore plays the line between the former friends. To round out everything, of course David Warner has a hidden motive when he hires H.P. Lovercraft, P.I.

It’s an amazing premise. There’s humor, unicorns, werewolf interrogation, and a glimpse of the Old Ones. Get online, check the streams, and find that film Cast a Deadly Spell.

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