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Episode 21 of season two highlights Danny Boyle‘s entry (and exit) into science fiction: Sunshine (2007). Boyle creates a realistic idea of space. He deftly exploits the conflict between characters to add anxiety. This is a tense and exciting mission to the sun with a stellar cast.

Almost fifty years from the now, the sun manifests an infection of sorts and needs an injection to blast the negative particles clear. An international crew takes the last bomb on Earth to detonate in the sun. Along the way they encounter strife, mechanical issues, and the wonder of space. Will they complete their mission and return home?

In the beginning, it seems like a standard doldrums of space movie. It is more than just man versus space; this film succeeds in building real tension between crew and mission. Cillian Murphy portrays Capa, the science guy, onboard Icarus II. Chris Evans nails the part of Mace the military engineer with only one goal. Hiroyuki Sanada delivers a strong leader as Captain Kaneda. The ship’s counselor Searle, Cliff Curtis, balances on his own tightrope of sanity. Michelle Yeoh, Rose Byrne, Troy Garity, and Benedict Wong round out the international team assigned to save the planet.

Sunshine works exceptionally well as an alternative horror film for your October scarefest. Make it your mission to find that film Sunshine.

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