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We apologize for being a few days late with episode 22. This podcast brings our string of horror films to an end. We present for your viewing, er listening, pleasure James Gunn‘s Slither; this 2006 horror comedy should be enjoyed by everyone (fyi rated R). It’s pitch perfect.

Plucky sheriff Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion) finds himself coming to the aid of Starla Grant (Elizabeth Banks), the woman he didn’t make a move on fifteen years prior. Starla and her husband Grant Grant (Michael Rooker) are going through the motions of life until something infects Grant. Foulmouthed town mayor MacReady (Gregg Henry) and average teen Kylie (Tania Saulnier) get caught up in the horror infesting their community. Outrageous and somewhat hilarious events unfold while this odd band of heroes attempts to make things right.

Slither could make this podcast based upon the effects alone. Truly amazing creature design and practical application throughout this movie. You’ll wonder how they did so much with such a cumbersome creation. Michael Rooker doesn’t make a single misstep whether he’s covered in goo or just wearing glasses.

This gory horror film perfectly balances humor and disgust — not Hostel disgust, more like The Thing disgust. Find that film Slither so you can repeatedly laugh and recoil.

1 comment on “Find That Film: Slither

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