Find That Film: Bachelor Mother

We’re up to episode 23 of our soon to be over second season. In 1939, Ginger Rogers starred in the almost suggestive Bachelor Mother as a potentially unwed mother. It was a comedy. It’s absolutely charming despite itself.

Garson Kanin managed to direct a comedic romance about a woman who is bribed into motherhood. He’s good with romantic comedies but even this was a plothole-filled stretch for him. Felix Jackson earned a nomination for the story and Norman Krasna tightened up the screenplay. It worked. Do as most of America (it killed at the box office) and ignore the plot holes. Watch this delightful film.

Polly Parrish (Ginger Rogers) knows her seasonal employment at the department store is rapidly coming to an end. On her lunch break, she tries to assist a foundling but is mistaken for its mother. It’s odd to say hilarity ensues, but it does. Her boss, David Niven, extends her contract because of her revealed unfortunate status. Her coworker Freddie (Frank Albertson) thinks he’s getting favors (not those kind of favors!) because he knows about the lovechild. She’s not getting any sleep. Her boss decides a woman who doesn’t want to be a mother must need help so he gives her baby books and lots of terrible advice. As is normal in Hollywood, love soon follows.

There is a scene early on in the film between Polly and Freddie when he discovers a crawling baby on her floor just before their date. Their exchange makes me laugh every time. For However, Ginger is not the reason to see this movie. David Niven and Charles Coburn make this movie. We don’t usually tout Niven, but he keeps this movie going along its enjoyably absurd path.

Take a chance on a new old holiday classic. Find that film Bachelor Mother.

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