Find That Film: Superman Returns

In episode 24 we highlight Bryan Singer‘s Superman Returns; his love letter to Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve. We consider this the better modern Superman movie to watch.

Brandon Routh steps into the iconic role and delivers. Kevin Spacey brought both intelligence and menace to Lex Luthor. It’s refreshing to see a crazy world domination plan out of Lex. Equally satisfying was how hard it was for Superman to foil those plans. All the regulars, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and Martha Kent, round out the cast. Also joining in the chaos is Richard White, new Daily Planet section editor, Kitty, Lex’s lady, and a few well crafted Luthor gang members.

Despite being a financial success, the studio cancelled possible sequels and opted for a reboot. Probably their worst decision until Batman vs Superman. If you’d like a modern trip down memory lane find that film Superman Returns.

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