Find That Film: Rise of the Guardians

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Season 2 is a wrap, folks, but before we go, have a listen to our 26th episode this season:  Rise of the Guardians!  While it’s a movie we recommend wholeheartedly, there is a reservation or two that requires consideration.  What doesn’t, however, is the fact that Dreamworks turned out one hell of a great family movie that doesn’t adhere to the adage that an animated film must only appeal to one demographic at a time.  Don’t let the fact that it’s animated deter you from seeing what is a decently made action film.  And don’t let the fact that Dreamworks chose to advertise this as yet another Santa Claus Christmas film make you miss a movie that features Santa as only a secondary character.  Rise of the Guardians is a delight to watch, and if you let it get by you, you will have missed a movie that is every bit as action oriented as The Incredibles…with much better music, courtesy of Alexandre Desplat!  So check out Rise of the Guardians, and indeed, find out what is at your center.

And don’t forget to come back in 2017 to see what we do with Season 3 of Find That Film!

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