Find That Film: The Ice Pirates

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Don’t lose faith because I’ve insisted on The Ice Pirates for episode three of season three. It’s an hilarious flick worth your Saturday afternoon. Some (ManWithPez) may say this is a movie which should stay in your eighties’ child memory; they would be wrong. You’ll get a few laughs and you’ll enjoy the chemistry of the cast.

In this future, water has become a scarcity controlled by the elite. Our hero Jason (Robert Urich) and his band of pirates (Michael D. Roberts, Anjelica Huston, and Ron Perlman) find the biggest ice cargo they’ve seen. They are chased, separated, and Jason and Roscoe are captured. A princess (Mary Crosby), deciding she needs some scoundrels to help her find her missing father and the fabled seventh planet covered in water, rescues the men plus Killjoy (John Matuszak) and reunites the remaining crew. Evil Zorn (Jeremy West) plots with John Carrradine to manipulate and kill the princess.

This 1984 pirates in space movie shows its age. Director Stewart Raffill took the production value and the TV pedigree of his cast and made it work in the most entertaining way. Yes, they plunder giant ice cubes. Don’t ask why there are robots with anxiety and pimp droids. Relish¬†the bizarre¬†The Road Warrior-meets-Captain Blood costumes. Through it all, the one-liners keep coming.

You just got to find that film The Ice Pirates.

Oh, and there’s a crazy fun time warp.


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