Find That Film: Gotcha!

This season we track down Anthony Edward‘s spy thriller and hair for episode seven: Gotcha!

Jeff Kanew and Edwards team up again for a trek from UCLA to the DDR and back again. Jonathan (Edwards) currently leads in the campus Gotcha league. He and Manolo (Jsu Garcia) spend spring break from veterinary school traveling through France and Spain. Manolo pretends to be a terrorist on the run to seduce the ladies he meets. Jonathan gets slapped for being awkward Jonathan. That is until Sasha (Linda Fiorentino) seduces him.

He soon gets caught up in her “courier” job in East Berlin. He barely escapes the DDR when he realizes she’s not just a courier. Something has been planted on him to smuggle back to the states and he doesn’t know what it is. He only knows someone has been killed for it and the Russians are after him. The CIA and Russians are searching for a package.

Thank goodness his skills as a master paint ball assassin aid in bringing the whole affair to a close.

The movie has high production values and an excellent score. It looks like a movie filled with intrigue. Edwards does his best to carry the movie. Fiorentino nails her eastern European accent. The absurdity of it all may have kept movie goers away from the box office.

There are several fun moments you won’t want to miss. Fair warning; you may crave strudel after your viewing. Gear up and find that film Gotcha!

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