Find That Film: Castle Freak

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We discuss a poorly financed, direct-to-video (originally slated for release) horror must-see in episode nine. The Re-Animator team of Stuart GordonDennis Paoli, and Richard Band reunite with their stars to make the disturbingly dark Castle Freak.

John Reilly (Jeffrey Combs) and Susan Reilly (Barbara Crampton) are in a crumbling marriage made worse by an accident one wants to move past and one can’t even discuss. An unknown relative leaves an Italian castle and title to the Reillys. As they begin to explore and take stock of their new world, strange occurrences set the already tense family on edge.

Their daughter Rebecca (Jessica Dollarhide) reports someone else is in the castle. The police don’t believe the blind teen and John is an untrustworthy advocate. She’s right. The unknown figure (Jonathan Fuller) murders the police chief’s friend. During the investigations, he takes out the housekeeper as well. The police hold John and question him but the murders don’t stop. John must try to save his family from the freak.

Stuart Gordon created a dark and moody film with a twisted yet sympathetic horror hidden within. This team has clearly matured since their work on Re-Animator. There is no absurdity. No slapstick. Only pain. Watch this R rated film with the warning that it will show you the true darkness humans can bring. It’s unsettling.

You need to find that film Castle Freak.

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