Geek Drink of the Week: Inheritance

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inheritance2How do you base a cocktail on a movie like Castle Freak? I have no idea. I went the more tame route and tried to channel Italian cocktails and spritzers in general. However, I don’t typically enjoy Campari or other aperitifs so I took some liberties with the inspiration. The main ingredient in today’s drink is Prosecco. We received a small sample bottle as a gift, lucky us since I don’t have any on hand right now (I do however have at least 6 bottles of champagne, because).

I decided to simply call it the Inheritance. That sounds like a drink you can enjoy while overlooking the Tiber or taking a break from your St. Francis tour. Hopefully I’ve done central Italy justice with this potation.

1/2 oz Amaretto

1/2 oz blackberry brandy

Prosecco (chilled)inheritance

Pour the Amaretto and brandy into a flute or cocktail glass. Top with chilled Prosecco (3-4oz). Toast your good fortune at a lovely castle estate inheritance. What will you do with 150 rooms?

Alternatively, you could leave out the prosecco if you don’t have it and substitute sparkling wine, water, or soda.

In case you haven’t listened to the podcast and only come here for the alcohol ideas, I have some trivia for you. Castle Freak is loosely based on the Lovecraft story “The Outsider.” Director Gordon and stars Combs and Crampton have collaborated on several Lovecraft inspired movies. I recommend all of them.

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