Find That Film: D.C. Cab

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Let’s talk about a Joel Schumacher film from the 80s! No, not The Lost Boys. No way are we discussing St Elmo’s, geez, obviously we’re doing D.C. Cab for episode 10.

D.C. Cab is a movie with eight plots, twenty stars, and 100 minutes of laughter. Follow Albert (Adam Baldwin) as he pursues his dream of owning a his own business…a cab company. He tracks down Harold (Max Gail), his father’s old war buddy, who owns a cab service in Washington D.C.. Harold takes in Albert and exposes him to the lows of ownership. There he meets a ragtag group of drivers who all seem to biding time instead of living their lives.

As with most mindless 80s ensemble movies, the losers have to band together to save the day…a few times. D.C. Cab does not elevate the genre, but it adds a lot of iconic moments you’ll want remember. Don’t miss Samson (Mr. T) salute Abraham Lincoln, Del (Gary Busey) be insane, Tyrone (Charlie Barnett) give us a lesson in making assumptions, and the Barbarian brothers (Peter and David Paul) tossing tires through windows. Plus, there’s sweet Albert and demure Claudette (Jill Schoelen) falling in love. Awww.

On a personal note, I miss Marsha Warfield. I want to see her acting on TV or in the movies. I wish I could get out to one of her shows. Come back. She deserves to be remembered for more than Roz.

If you like underdog films then you need to find that film D.C. Cab.

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