Find That Film: The Rundown

Episode eleven, I think we say twelve in the podcast (oops), veers back to adventure and action with Peter Berg‘s The Rundown. R.J. Stewart and James Vanderbilt take an overdone premise and bring new life to it with light humor, restrained action, and personable characters.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson continues his acting foray with a turn as Beck, a personal enforcer/bounty hunter, who wants to move on with his life. Sean William Scott plays Travis, the son of Beck’s boss, who left academia for adventure and glory in Brazil. Daddy wants Travis home and offers to end Beck’s contract for this last job. The last job is never easy.

Travis hides in the jungles of Brazil looking for a fabled golden statue in mining overlord Hatcher’s (Christopher Walken) territory. Hatcher humors Travis with plans of taking whatever Travis finds, probably nothing. Rosario Dawson‘s Mariana occasionally helps Travis with his adventuring. Beck and Mariana get sucked into Travis’s last hunt while they all evade Hatcher and his men.

Peter Berg manages the pace very well. The Rundown never feels drawn out or rushed and he keeps the comedy light but effective. There’s plenty of hand combat to showcase Dwayne Johnson. Of particular note is the contrast between the big rock-like Johnson and quick Ernie Reyes Jr. The cast works surprising well.

We suggest grabbing a cool beverage and finding that film The Rundown.

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