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Season three, episode 12…where does the time go? We eagerly visit the land of Stormhold with Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. Trusted friend Matthew Vaughn brought this enchanting tale to the screen. You really must watch it.

Young Tristan (Charlie Cox) sets out on an accidental journey to find his mom and locate a fallen star for a young woman in town. Even though he discovers the star is a person and not a lump of rock, he is determined to return to his small town girl with the sparkling Yvaine (Claire Danes) in tow. As it happens, the royal family is in turmoil while the princes finish the traditional sibling slaughtering for the crown. Yvain possess a gem which determines the throne holder. Now, star hearts are powerful magic and there are many seekers trying to capture and kill Yvaine.

Trinstan and Yvain must evade death while they travel towards Trinstan’s normal town beyond the magical realm. They meet pirates, witches, princes, and eventually, dear ol’ mom. There is a race for Yvaine’s life and her heart which Trinstan must decide to fight for.

There’s a lot going on this fantastic adventure. The costumes feature unique character details. The countryside and locals reflect their magical or humdrum status. The score nicely compiements the urgency and romance of the plot. The cast (Mark StrongMichelle PfeifferRobert DeNiroKate Magowan) pulls of a charming film in the vein of Princess Bride. Bernard, sweet caught up in things, Bernard.

Satisfy your inner fairytale fan by watching this magic and murder filled coming of age story. Find that film Stardust.

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