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Episode 13 is, as one could expect, a horror film. This week we talk about Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight. The Powers That Be on Tales from the Crypt decided they needed to branch out into the theater market. Luckily, they had a decent script, a solid cast, and the best director for the project, Ernest R. Dickerson.

Demon Knight is a good vs evil play with a handful of demons, plot devices, and sacrifices to fill out the story. Very little is new, but the there are details unique to this film in regards to how the Chosen One has to outmaneuver the Big Bad. William Sadler leads the cast as Brayker the stranger in town. Close on his heels is Billy Zane, the Collector. Brayker thinks he’s found a safe place in a former church now boarding house. He’s wrong of course.

The Collector tries to seduce the inhabitants to gain entry to the building and lay his hands on Brayker’s universe-saving-artifact. The story features a surprising death very early on to get the action rolling. Soon there are demons trying to get inside, allegiances forming, and so much Billy Zane (he relished this role) you won’t know what hit you.

Lots of great creature effects and makeup work here from Todd Masters. The ensemble works beautifully together even though it’s a low budget horror. CCH Pounder, Dick Miller, Thomas Haden Church, Charles Fleischer, and Jada Pinkett Smith find ways to make temptation believable. The Crypt Keeper bumpers are a bit clunky but fitting with the property.

Do a quick search through your favorite streaming service and find that film Demon Knight.


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