Find That Film: My Favorite Wife

Yes, we’re late. Hey, guess what!

We’ve got a request coming at you for episode 14 of season 3. We very happily agreed to this suggestion because we had already discussed adding it to the schedule. It’s not the first time we’ve shared good taste in entertainment with the listener. Ah, I digress! Come listen to us convince you to watch My Favorite Wife.

1940 was a big year for accidental bigamy in film. As it happens, My Favorite Wife was the most successful of the offerings and absolutely worth the exploration of classic cinema. Leo McCarey had an idea to bring a new comedic version of “Enoch Arden” to screen. I hope Leo McCarey sounds familiar to you. He should (follow the link if you don’t). Perhaps you’ve heard of Duck Soup, The Bells of St Mary’s, An Affair to Remember, and most importantly The Awful Truth? That last one is the reason we have My Favorite Wife. Mr. McCarey reunited the amazing duo of Irene Dunne and Cary Grant in order to make the touchy subject of bigamy delightful. He got an assist from the fantastic Garson Kanin.

So what’s this all about? Ellen (Irene) is lost at sea and after mounting several search expeditions, seven years later Nick (Cary), her husband, has her declared dead. On the return boat from one of his searches he meets Bianca (Gail Patrick) and decides he’d like to have some company in life. After all, he has two children who need a mother and more importantly he needs a wife. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. He marries Bianca on the very day his wife is dropped off at the harbor. She survived on a tiny Pacific island, but she wasn’t alone.

There’s lots of who knows who as well as or not so well as they should. Can Nick consummate his marriage to Bianca knowing his wife is alive? Did Ellen stave off manly Stephen (Randolph Scott) for seven years? What should Nick do now? Much ado as they say.

It really should be watched and enjoyed. Don’t just take our word for it; one of you thinks you should find that film My Favorite Wife.

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