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I think I picked episode 17. Heehee, this one is Grabbers, a little known film out of Ireland about drunk people staving off aliens. Brilliant. Director Jon Wright and writer Kevin Lehane are relatively inexperienced, but manage to create great movie.

Stars Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley are fantastic as overwhelmed police officers corralling drunks during an alien invasion of their tiny island. Gardai Ciaran and Lisa work with visiting scientist Dr. Smith (Russell Tovey) to determine what the creatures are that have been found around the village. One of the town drunks, Paddy (Lalor Roddy), drags home a weird squid thing from his traps and no one believes him that it’s much more than a squid. That is until people and sea creatures start turning up dead.

Once the trio figure out the things don’t like alcohol (Paddy is still alive after all) they hatch a plan to save the island. Let’s get everyone drunk! They bring in the doctor and barkeeper and invite everyone at mass over to the pub.

The effects stand out in this independent film. It’s pretty obvious the slim $5mil budget went to animation. The creatures look great in every lighting scenario. The practical a little less so, but the CGI is great.

Check your wifi connection and stream this good time with a pint or two at your side. Find that film Grabbers.

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