Find That Film: The Unnamable

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I won’t start a whole “who’s on first” thing here. The Unnamable is the eighteenth episode of season three. This was a straight to VHS release, shot on a shoestring budget in less than a month with an untested director Jean Paul Ouellette, but it’s still a valid entry in the horror genre.

This film (and its sequel) beefs up two short stories by H.P. Lovecraft focused on the character Randolph Carter. I’m not a huge Lovecraft fan despite how often we talk about films he inspired. I am a fan of Randolph Carter…especially in this movie. Carter (Mark Kinsey Stephenson) and his classmate Howard Damon (Charles Klausmeyer) search a possibly cursed house for a missing friend. As it happens, two couples have also entered the residence and might also need saving.

Of note in this rare movie are the interplay of Carter and Damon and the exasperation of sensible scared Tanya (Alexandra Durrell). You’ll also want to check out the creature work of The Unnamable. They did a fantastic job in such a limited project. The actress Katrin Alexandre deserves credit here as well.

Don’t expect the standard college coed slasher flick, but do expect some poor decisions and death. Give this episode a listen then find that film The Unnamable.

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