Find That Film: The Sure Thing

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Episode 19 is not what you expected. I changed my mind and ManWithPez agreed to review The Sure Thing this week instead of Fraternity Vacation. I don’t know that we’ll come back to Fraternity Vacation, probably not, but you might want to watch it for novelty casting sake if you like 80s spring break sex quest movies.

Back to The Sure Thing. An often overlooked Rob Reiner comedy, the movie is worth the rehashing of a tired plot. John Cusack plays “Gib”, a hopeless college freshmen looking for a date. Daphne Zuniga as Alison manages to be exacting yet likable. The two annoyed classmates find they need to get to California for Christmas break; he to meet a sure thing and her to visit a boyfriend. When they end up in the same ride share, their tension and aggression cause them to be kicked out of the car by the hosts. Can they work together to cross the country without killing each other?

Sure, you can probably predict the major plot points, but this story has great dialogue and character interaction not to be missed. Don’t get bogged down in the idea that this is just a new It Happened One Night (find that film). It’s more than that. Every small character in this movie is perfection. The back and forth of aggravation and admiration of our two leads feels authentic. Rob Reiner cements his reputation as an amazing director. A slew of fantastic films follow this one.

Anyway, this movie is a treat of memorable quotes and interplay. Find that film The Sure Thing and remember when you were 19 and interested in the student across the aisle.

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