Find That Film: Cutthroat Island

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Not every episode of Find That Film recommends a hidden gem of a movie that is sadly overlooked because of circumstances beyond the film maker’s control.  Sometimes a movie is loud and obnoxious…and we’ll tell you to see it anyways.  Here’s episode 20 of this season:  Cutthroat Island.  Filled with bad acting and explosions too numerous to count, Cutthroat Island holds the distinction of being the single biggest box office bomb in history.  So, why would we tell you to see it?  Frank Goddamn Langella, that’s why!  Also, one of the best film scores you’ve never heard, courtesy of John Debney.  And I’ll be upfront with you. There’s little to recommend in the first 2/3rds of Cutthroat Island, but that third act is a humdinger.  Mostly because our principles, Geena Davis and Matthew Modine don’t really get to say anything.  But this film is a great time despite the fact that most of the people involved didn’t want to be in it.  So watch it in the spirit it was intended.  Have a rum based drink, turn your TV up to criminal levels, and don’t sweat the small stuff.  There’s plenty of fun to be found on Cutthroat Island!

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