Geek Drink of the Week: Bonny Pyrate

bonnypyrate2How about something fun, fruity, and different? Today’s libation is based on one of ManWithPez’s favorite drinks (we’ll cover that another day). I substituted a few tropical and Caribbean ingredients to create the Bonny Pyrate in honor Captain Morgan from Cutthroat Island. I think you’ll like it.

The trickiest part of this concoction is the Guava flavored alcohol. I could not find any locally. You might or you could make some yourself. I did locate a Seagram Cooler that had Guava included in its flavor profile. It will do in a pinch and tastes just fine. Please note that this drink is not shaken. You may be tempted to get a nice froth off the pineapple juice, but Seagrams is carbonated and will explode.

bonnypyrate32 oz spiced Rum (Cap Morgan for accuracy)

2 oz Seagrams Escapes Jamaican Me Happy (or Guava alcohol)

3 oz Guava nectar or juice

3 oz pineapple juice

1/2 oz grenadine


PourĀ all ingredients in a hurricane glass or shaker. Stir to chill. Add a fun straw because it’s time to get crazy and hunt some treasure.

This easily turns into a non-alcoholic treat for the kiddos. Our littlest monster said the guava, pineapple, and grenadine was delicious.

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