Geek Drink of the Week: Spectarama

spectaramaAre you ready for the mind bending Spectarama? Get ready.

Man, this week’s film was deep, disturbing, dark, and super trippy. If you haven’t tracked down X: The Man with the X-Ray eyes you really should try to find that film. Ray Milland* elevates this Corman classic. Since I am unable and unwilling to create a drink which looks like an x-ray, I needed to go a different route. Briefly there was an idea to float eyeball shaped garnish but I decided it was too much. The obvious solution for the Spectarama would be to make a beautiful layered drink. Yeah, I’m quite bad with layers. So, I used cream to give it that eerie feeling.

I have a nearly full bottle whipped cream vodka that I haven’t touched in at least nine months. Bet you can guess what the first ingredient is. This drink loosely follows the white russian model. Let’s get elevated.spectarama1

1 1/2 oz whipped cream vodka

1 oz blackberry brandy

1 1/2 oz cream

1 ice globe or whatever

Gently place your ice globe in a rocks glass. Add the vodka and brandy (feel feel to up the brandy to a full jigger). Pour over the cream. At his point it looks kinda cool but will not taste quite right. Much like a White Russian and Colorado Bulldog, you should gently stir this before drinking.


*One of my favorite Milland movies is The Major and the Minor. Ginger is in too!

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