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It may seem like this episode is the beginning of Season Four, but it is not. This is our closing episode for Season Three. We had a serious of unfortunate events pile up towards the end of the season so we just sat for two weeks to get our heads straight. We very much wanted to make sure Harvey was the last episode as it’s such a wonderful film. Here’s episode 25 of Season Three: Harvey.

Everyone’s favorite everyman, James Stewart stars as Elwood P. Dowd, a middle-aged man with a hobby of drinking and collecting interesting people. This story is about Elwood and his best friend Harvey, a six foot three and a half inch tall rabbit, and their acceptance by society. Elwood’s habit of talking to a giant invisible rabbit is hindering his niece Myrtle Mae’s chance at a decent suitor.  Elwood’s well meaning, yet socially conscious sister Veta Louise (Josephine Hull) decides he must be looked after at a facility instead of bringing havoc into their home. Hijinks, confusion, and missing persons follow where Elwood and Harvey wander, through no fault of their own.

Harvey is based upon the Pulitzer winning play of the same name by Mary Chase. There was a monetary battle to purchase the rights causing costs to skyrocket. Everyone loved Harvey. Accomplished director Henry Koster leads this classic. It was a stoke of pure genius to cast James Stewart and Josephine Hull in the lead roles. They perform a master class of acting. Josephine Hull earned a much deserved Oscar for this performance.

Packed with witticisms and heart, you’ll want to find Harvey…I mean, find that film Harvey.

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