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We’ve timed the beginning of season four with October for a reason. The first four films this season will feature Halloween in some form. I won’t promise Oscar caliber productions here, but we have tried to find fun movies you may have missed (no big budget slasher films). Also note we’ve added a new section to our episodes: who should see this. With all that said, let’s begin!

Episode one of season four is Once Bitten. This forgotten 80s gem stars a young Jim Carrey, a sultry Lauren Hutton, and a sassy Cleavon Little. It mostly works; though you can see slivers of director Howard Storm‘s vast TV experience, and while that isn’t always a good thing, in an easy 80s comedy, it certainly doesn’t hurt.  Also worth mentioning here is Karen Kopins as Carrey’s longtime girlfriend, who simply can’t say yes.  Hutton plays a 400 year old vampire who needs the blood of a virgin to remain young-ish.  To accomplish this, she moves to Los Angeles, where there is apparently a plethora of young males who haven’t had sex yet, but she only has eyes for young Mark, whose girlfriend Robin ain’t giving it up yet.  Mark’s buddies Jamie and Russ (who are also virgins, along with Robin, it bears mentioning.  If The Countess is so hard up, why isn’t she going after any of the other characters in this movie?) provide a good deal of comedy in what is otherwise a pretty dry outing, and they certainly make Once Bitten worth your time.  As does the chemistry between Hutton and Little, which will make you regret that these two were never paired again.  They work together so easily that you don’t realize that they never worked together before or since!

So, don’t sleep with anyone, watch out for singles bars, and don’t let anyone bite the buttons off your shirt.  If you do, of course, your buttons have now been…Once Bitten.*


*Forgive us, please.


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