Find That Film: Night of the Demons

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Are you still with us for our Halloween inspired start to season four? Right, then on to episode two and 1988’s Night of the Demons. Director Kevin S Tenney serves up a nice slice of schlock for the holiday that never really caught on on a national scale…but then again, it wasn’t given the chance.

It’s Halloween and the local college kids are looking for a crazy party. Good girl Judy (Cathy Podewell) and her in-it-for-the-sex boyfriend Jay head off to a last minute party at a haunted house. Crazy Angela (Amelia Kinkade) hosts the party at boarded up mortuary with a history of murder. A small group of classmates supply the beer and bad choices.

This movie shines in its practical effects. Fantastic makeup and creature design elevate this low budget cult horror to enjoyable levels. Steve Johnson and the entire make up crew deserve to be appreciated. Several cast members move throughout various stages of possession and their makeup tells the story. Well done.

For the most part, each role is well filled…with one major exception: the final girl. It’s obvious from the beginning the character Judy is meant to last the night. Fair warning: Judy will annoy the living tar out of you. Just set that aside and ride the rest of the absurdity all the way to the end of the movie. Take joy in crude and oddly likable hedonist Stooge (Hal Havins). Watch in awe as Angela let’s the music move her. Pardon Sal (Billy Gallo) for his earlier transgressions as he works with the others to survive. Stare in wonder at Suzanne’s (Linnea Quigley)decent into madness. Laugh at the amazing[/s] line delivery.

This movie pairs well with large groups, popcorn, and a peanut gallery. Call some friends and find that film Night of the Demons.

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