Find That Film: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Take two California native, well-meaning idiots, add George Carlin and a time machine, and a slew of historical figures…and make it a comedy?  Well, given the ramifications of the bad time travel theory in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, what we should be looking at is a post-apocalyptic United States where, of all things, slavery might still be intact!  Don’t think about it too hard, though, and you will certainly enjoy yourself.  Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are completely likable in this even though Bill and Ted are the dumbest movie characters this side of Beavis and Butthead.  You’ll be just as astounded as the rest of us that these two hold the key to a harmonious, peaceful future! Throw a touch of cool in with George Carlin…who wasn’t exactly known for keeping his cool, but he makes it work here.  For a movie as short as this one is, you really shouldn’t know or feel anything about this ridiculously long cast list, but somehow, through the magic of editing I suspect, even you will take the time to be appalled that Billy the Kid brought live guns into a high school auditorium.

So go find Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…or you can go to Alaskan military school!

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