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As you have no doubt surmised by now, we didn’t do very well during time travel month.  Man…if only there were some kind of machine I could use to go back and make this right.  Then again the Time Cops would probably come get me.  Apparently historically learning from your mistakes isn’t allowed in the vast, sprawling future of 2004.  Or so Timecop would have you believe.

Here, we look at Jean Claude Van Damme‘s single largest grossing film…that is judged entirely too harshly by critics nowadays.  Given that it has a huge action star in a time travel movie is about where the comparisons to The Terminator should end.  They are entirely different creatures. That being said, if you’re the type of cinema snob that refuses to watch a movie simply because the Muscles from Brussels is in it, you’re letting a decent, if somewhat budgetarily understated sci-fi action movie get right past you.  Ron Silver plays a villain here, and he’s so good at it, you’ll be mad that he didn’t do it more often(Blue Steel notwithstanding). Throw in the fact that this movie also features Bruce McGill, doing here what he does best, making others shine, and I say it’s a damn shame that people dump on this movie because there’s a few bad CGI effects (in a 1994 movie) and some splits.

Find Timecop.  Your future as you know it could be in jeopardy!

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