Find That Film: The Long Kiss Goodnight

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I can’t believe we finally made it to episode eight of season four. Seriously, for a while there it felt like we’d never get here. It’s December and we’re approaching Christmas so we’re featuring some of our favorite Christmas-ish movies. First was animation. This week is pure bloody action fun. Let’s talk about The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Following Cutthroat Island, Renny Harlin needed a win–so did Geena Davis. The Long Kiss Goodnight should have been that win. Unfortunately some decision makers were nervous which caused the advertising to be garbled. It was released too early. It didn’t hit. It broke even but it should have been amazing.

Samantha Caine is a teacher and mother who suffers from amnesia in a small New England town. Mitch Henessey is a former cop and current cheap P.I. looking into Samantha’s past. He arrives with leads just as an escaped murderer tracks down Samantha. Their investigation drops them into cover-ups, assassins, government spies, and a lot of explosions. There’s a dedicated boyfriend, a cute daughter, a charming villain, and lots of crazy plans.

Shane Black takes the scriptwriting reigns and turns out a great movie. He writes fantastic buddy scenes and action nonsense. It was a genius move to pair him with Harlin’s visuals and explosions. This is great. And the cast! Geena Davis is owed a Charly Baltimore series like all the boys got for their formulaic action spy movies. She makes what she’s given work. Samuel L Jackson gives life to this flick. Every quip, look, and movement from him will make you smile. Brian Cox, Yvonne Zima, and David Morse deserve more screen time. And lastly, prepare to enjoy Craig Bierko‘s truly evil bad guy.

Is this as tight a story as Die Hard? No, but it’s fun and has ice skating assassination in it. I say give this Christmas movie a chance. Find that film The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Have I mentioned I am one of those sequel seekers? Well, I’ll take any Samantha, Caitlin or Henessey movie. I’m not picky.

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