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Episode ten of season four is the must see Brandon Lee action film Rapid Fire. This movie, more than others, shows Lee’s potential.

Dwight H. Little, better known at the time for horror, directs an action movie heavy on violence with a few key martial arts scenes to showcase the star. Brandon Lee worked with Jeff Imada to choreograph realistic fight scenes which show injury and exhaustion. Other than the fact his post fight healing factor is +10, it is used to great effect.

The story follows Jake, a college student who won’t accept his father’s sacrificial death at Tienanmen square, as he witnesses a mafia head (Nick Mancuso) assassinate a California drug lord. His Chicago FBI safehouse is compromised and he goes on the run to save his life. An obsessive local cop (Powers Boothe) takes him in to set up the mafia, drug rings, and FBI.

Raymond J. Barry, Tzi Ma, and Kate Hodge round out the main players. Rapid Fire also has a small role from Dustin Nguyen to capatilise on his popularity at the time. The big one, the one everyone remembers is Al Leong. Leong and Lee have one of the best–even Leong agrees–fights ever captured on film.

The plot’s a little crazy, but it’s well worth the spreadsheet to enjoy this movie. Brandon Lee shines here. We encourage you find that film Rapid Fire.

2 comments on “Find That Film: Rapid Fire

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    I’m trying to listen to the podcast, but it’s not playing and won’t download. I also tried it on the Podcast site and still doesn’t work.

    Please re-up

    1. ManWithPez

      We are terribly sorry about that. We have reuploaded the episode, and you should be able to listen to it here. Again, we are sorry and hope that you will continue to listen to TwoGeeksInBed products.


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