Find That Film: Blood of Heroes

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We head to the Southern hemisphere for episode 11 of season four. Today let’s talk about the Rutger Hauer sports epic Blood of Heroes.

David Webb Peoples directed and wrote this little known dystopian 1989 movie. Sallow (Rutger Hauer) stars as a disgraced athlete known as a jugger. He roams the outer towns with a ragtag team winning money, food, and lodging for the night. Mbulu (Delroy Lindo), Young Gar (Vincent D’Onofrio), Big Cimber (Anna Katarina), and Ghandi McIntyre find themselves short a kwik and decide to take on Kidda (Joan Chen) and train her. Eventually, Kidda and Young Gar convince Sallow to return to the city and challenge the league.  No team has ever beaten the league.

The sport is never named. It’s a violent dangerous sport that gives praise and rewards to the successful athletes. The leaders of this future use it as gladiatorial distraction for the poor and starving. It’s fascinating that they cast one of the most beautiful and slight women in the world to play a tough, determined jugger. Joan Chen will convince you she’s capable of standing toe to toe with the roughest jugger they can throw at her.

If you’ve watched Mystery, Alaska,  The Longest Yard, and A League of Their Own twenty times, try something a little more dark and bloody this time. Put on your best jersey and find that film Blood of Heroes (aka Salute of the Jugger).

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