Find That Film: My Bloody Valentine

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We’re talking about the forgotten My Bloody Valentine in today’s episode 15 of season four. In 1981, everyone wanted to be the next big slasher horror hit and this one had all the hallmarks of a hit…except it didn’t chart. If you’ve missed this one, you’re in for a bloody treat.

In 1960 an explosion in the mines on Valentine’s Day resulted in many deaths and one insane survivor. The survivor returned the following year on Valentine’s Day to kill everyone he blamed for the explosion. Despite being caught, the scared town cancels Valentine’s Day indefinitely. Twenty years later, beleiving enough time had passed, the town makes plans for a Valentine’s Day Dance. As the day approaches, bodies begin to pile up all over town.

The film follows T.J. (Paul Kelman) as he returns to town after failing to make his mark in the big city. His girl Sarah (Lori Hallier) moved on to his friend Axel (Neil Affleck) and his family’s mine replaced his role. While city officials remove all decorations and cancel events, the miners plan a secret party to celebrate Valentine’s Day anyway. One by one, and sometimes couple by couple, the party members find a bloody end to their holiday.

This movie is famous for its clash with the MPAA. The director George Mihalka removed nearly ten minutes to meet the standards they insisted upon and to modify the resulting story changes. Argh! The story by Stephen A. Miller and John Beaird is pretty compelling for a slasher. The effects and gore are amazing. The small crew and tight budget didn’t negatively impact the movie’s quality. The unknown Canadian cast out-acts at least six cycles of Crystal Lake visitors. It’s frustrating that Paramount and the MPAA basically tanked this one.

There’s an iconic mask, dark tunnels, and dead bodies everywhere. This was a fantastic entry in the 80s horror boom. If you’re in need of a good thrill and maybe an excuse to cuddle, you need to find that film My Bloody Valentine.

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