Find That Film: Just One of the Guys

I forgot the day of the week. I’m still not convinced this is Thursday. My mind has gone blank—too many Cadbury eggs or not enough Cadbury eggs?

Just One of the Guys fills spot 18 of season four. This is not your typical 80s high school movie. Director Lisa Gottlieb started out with the idea that a girl is just as good as a boy, but she ended up highlighting the outcast nature of our teenage years.

Here we follow rich, pretty, and presumably smart Terry (Joyce Hyser) on her quest to prove that people judge her unfairly just because she is rich and pretty. She borrows her brother Buddy’s (Billy Jayne) clothes and enrolls in a neighboring school to prove her point where she finds herself at the bottom of the social ladder. She forgets why she’s there and befriends and transforms fellow outcast Rick (Clayton Rohner). Her brother, best friend, boyfriend, and new girlfriend all stand between her and her love for the boy who doesn’t even know she’s a she.

Billy Jayne pretty much steals this movie. The cast as a whole is appealing and enjoyable.

Gottlieb and Hyser try to make Terry likable. While there’s a certain charisma coming off of her, she loses out to the over stuffing of outcasts. Everyone has a an entertaining schtick. The audience can get completely lost in the side characters and their commitment to their roles.

Feel free to choose your own lesson when you find that film Just One of the Guys.

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