Find That Film: Band of the Hand

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Episode two of season five is the mostly forgotten Band of the Hand. Directed by Paul Michael Glaser, Band of the Hand tells the story of a group of delinquents as they complete a rehabilitation program and learn to work for something greater than themselves.

Glaser, Michael Mann, Leo Garen, and Jack Baran originally created a series depicting teenagers caught up in the underbelly of the streets. Once the networks passed, all we got was this movie. ‘Tis a shame. The cast works really well and the basic story would have been compelling to watch over a season instead of 90 minutes.

The cast keeps this movie going when the writing and dialogue fall flat. Stephen Lang shows real concern for the teens in his charge. James Remar oozes revulsion as the area drug lord. But the stand outs are the ‘kids.’ Al Shannon, Danny Quinn, Michael Carmine, Leon, and John Cameron Mitchell do a decent job as delinquents learning how to care. Lauren Holly‘s naivet√© comes across even when the writing fails her.

It’s loud, garrish, voilent, and dirty and it aligned perfectly with the eighties drug narrative. The absurdity of the events–and clothes–endear the movie to the viewer. Get rid of the white sport coat, this isn’t Miami Vice, and find that film Band of the Hand.

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