Appointment Movies: Mary Poppins Returns

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He Says:  Sign me up right now!  The original Mary Poppins is a benchmark in family friendly musical fun, and this version looks to be much the same.  I don’t understand reactions I’ve seen on the internet of people asking for the same songs that are in the 1964 original.  Bring on the new stuff!

She Says: I saw Mary Poppins at the theater in 1980. In fact, the experience is vividly marked on my brain due to a terrible accident minutes after the movie (in the parking lot!). It’s a testament to the power of the original that I can keep the magical enjoyment separate from the confusion and fear that marks its place in my timeline. This trailer gives me hope that the wonder and heart lives on in the new generation. I’m also hoping for a few more nods to the books. This will be an appointment movie for our household: Dad, Mom, Big Sister, Big Brother, and Little Sister.

Mary Poppins Returns will be in theaters on December 19, 2018.

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