Find That Film: Village of the Damned

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It’s the third week of our season five horror through the decades special. We’re up to the 60s with episode seven Village of the Damned. This is a rather short movie about a town whose children are not of this world.

George Sanders stars as Gordon Zellaby, the prominent man in a sleepy little village. He’s a town leader, a cerebral man, who wants to give the children the benefit of the doubt despite their dubious parentage. Martin Stephens returns to Find That Film to be another creepy kid. Even though he’s playing an alien, he’s more likable this time. Various townspeople help convey the idea that everyone is worried about the women yet wary of their offspring: the doctor (Laurence Naismith), Jimmy (Thomas Heathcote), and Harrington (Richard Warner) standing out. Barbara Shelley shows real concern for her odd son and doesn’t want to lose him. Michael Gwynn as the military man and uncle to one of the children hates the entire affair.

The movie is notable for it’s short and tight story structure. There is no extra or background information given. This is just about the direct events and who this town is at this moment in time. Wolf RIlla crafts a brilliant opening three minutes before the credits to get the ball moving.

Village of the Damned is a great movie to leave you unsettled. This is a good time of year to catch it on television. Check your local istings on October 29 and find that film Village of the Damned.

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