Find That Film: Carrie

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We’ve talked about ManWithPez’s favorite horror film; now it’s my turn. I only had to wait for episode eight of season five. Today’s Find That Film is my birthday movie: Carrie.

Carrie was a massive money maker and significant milestone for both Stephen King and Brian de Palma. The bizarre story of a repressed high school outcast attempting to be a part of normal life. It doesn’t go well for her or anyone, really. Inspired by Hitchcock here, De Palma uses all his favorite camera tricks, split screens and transitions in ways that fit the film without becoming too much.

The cast stands out among horror ensembles. Each character is clearly defined and portrayed perfectly for the movie story. The stars Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie were both nominated for Oscars. William Katt (love him!), Amy Irving, Nancy Allen, PJ Soles, and John Travolta seem like flawed teenagers. Of course Betty Buckley‘s nuanced Ms. Collins wins our hearts every time.

Carrie is a beautiful film even with the buckets of blood. Everyone can relate to the torment, the rage, the jealousy, and the desire for revenge. Find that film Carrie so you don’t have to enact the gruesome impulses yourself.

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