Geek Drink of the Week: Holiday Rickey

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Since I’ve been down for the count with the cold from heck, I’ve kept the return of the Geek Drink of the Week simple. It’s bright and cheery yet only available this time of year. This is the Holiday Rickey. I love the Rickey. It’s a classic cocktail that forms the base for many other drinks such as the mojito. Traditionally, the Rickey is made with bourbon though the Gin Rickey is quite popular. The Holiday Rickey holds with tradition by featuring bourbon.

Somehow I’ve drank all my bourbon. What? But how? It’s bourbon, there’s no telling if it was even me. Many of our friends and family enjoy it as much as I do. For this concoction I used the very last jigger of my 46. That’s it. All out of bourbon (now you know what I need for my birthday *wink*). I think this is a lovely drink that works from November through the New Year. 

1 1/2 oz Bourbon

1 small lime or 1/3 oz lime juice

Cranberry Ginger Ale


Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in Bourbon. Squeeze in lime juice or use the bottled stuff (I did this time). Top with the Cranberry Ginger Ale. Add a swizzle, a lime twist, or a couple sugared cranberries for garnish. It really is a great cocktail. Toot toot (that’s my horn). Hit the grocery store for several two liters of the seasonal ginger ale because you’re gonna want to share this one with your friends when they visit this season.

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