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I’m finally posting episode 16 of season five. I think we have figured out how my change in work schedule will work with instead of against our publishing schedule. Fingers crossed you’ll see the next podcast within the week.

Anywho, episode 16! This is Kitty Foyle starring Ginger Rogers in her only (for reasons unknown to me) Oscar role. She plays Kitty, while collar girl from the poorer side of town, who loves the very wealthy Wynn (Dennis Morgan). When they have trouble bridging their two worlds, she moves to New York to make it on her own. Over the years they repeatedly try to make it work resulting in amazing adventures, heartbreaking tears, romantic moments, and endless hope. Along the way Kitty befriends Mark (James Craig). He always tries to be there in a way Kitty needs as he knows all about her love for Wynn. One wintry night Kitty must follow her heart or trust her mind as both men present a crossroad.

Director Saw Wood gets an amazing performance out of Ginger. She will move you to tears—possibly more than once. Her tough-gal screen persona gets a softer edge this time with some distance looks and wry smiles. Dennis Morgan and James Craig make a very tough choice for Kitty. Both men are spot-on and charming. Overall, the cast is well thought and performed. And other than a bizarre intro, the movie is fairly well put together.

The story of Kitty Foyle was based upon a popular novel by Christopher Morley. It was a bit on the salacious side. The movie had to be toned down and changed in subtle ways to get past the devilish Hays Code. If you see a scene cut to black or linger on a shot oddly, you can assume it was supposed to be juicier.

Please check your local listings or your preferred streaming service for this one. It may not be up to modern woman’s standards of single life, but it’s an amazing performance by someone you thought could only go toe-to-toe with Astaire. Grab a box of tissue (just in case), pour a glass of something good, and find that film Kitty Foyle.

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